Friday, July 29, 2016

Law Students

Law Students Giving Back
While there are more than 100 legal services nonprofits across California that provide a safety net for low-income people, too often people in need slip through the cracks because these nonprofits are stretched thin.
OneJustice helps address this lack of resources by training law students to serve as essential volunteers helping these nonprofits serve more clients. OneJustice's extensive law student volunteer base makes sure that more people can receive the help they need and that no one falls through the cracks.
Signature Projects
Law Student Pro Bono Project: OneJustice provides a bridge between under-resourced nonprofits and committed law students by providing the students with training and connecting them with the nonprofits that need their help.
Justice Bus® Project: On Justice Bus® trips, urban law students travel to rural California to support rural legal services nonprofits and other community-based organizations by providing much-needed legal advice.
Public Interest/Public Sector (PI/PS) Career Fair: PI/PS Day is an annual job fair dedicated to helping law students build careers in public interest and public sector work.  

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